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Wheel Loader

1/4/2011 11:18:35 AM
World Equipment is a professional manufacturer and supplier of wheel loader in china

WBM wheel loader Straight Blades are used in numerous applications where dozing, grading or general clearing is required. Applications range from snow removal to stockpiling to road building. The straight blade configuration enables the operator to pitch a blade forward or back to alter the grading or cutting ability of the blade.

Features of Wheel Loader:
  • Proven and tested moldboard profiles
  • Maximum blade s and s to match application and machine capacity
  • Adjustable skid shoes
  • Center drilled reversible bolt-on edges
  • Available with KAT, WLKAT or OEM pin-on lugs

Benefits of Wheel Loader:

  • Most economical solution for basic grading, plowing or dozing needs
  • Moldboard profiles that provide optimum material 'rolling' or carrying characteristics for every application
  • Increased productivity of machine by matching maximum and to application
  • Skid shoes offer stability which increase cutting edge wear life and improve grading characteristics
  • Maximum wear life of bolt-on edges

Wheel Loader

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