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The backhoe loader is mainly comprised of powertrain assembly, wheel loader unit and excavator unit. It is typically designed for special kinds of work. The three parts are all quite necessary when operators want to finish their work in special working environment.

Powertrain Assembly:
As the core part of backhoe loader, the powertrain assembly makes it possible for the backhoe loader to normally operate on various rugged terrains.
Wheel Loader Unit:
Installed in the front of backhoe loader, the wheel loader unit is mainly used in picking and carrying a large quantity of loose materials, bulldozing and ground grading.

Backhoe Loader

Backhoe Loader

Excavator Unit:
As the major component of backhoe loader, the excavator unit can be used to excavate dense and hard materials, especially soil. It can be also used to lift heavy stuffs in order to carry them to the target places. It mainly consists of movable arm, bucket rod and bucket.
Stabilizing Feet:
When the backhoe loader is working, the stabilizing feet can absorb the impact caused by weight, which can prevent the downward force caused by the operation of loader from damaging the wheels and tires. In this way, the backhoe loader can remain stable during operation and the impact force during excavating can be minimized.

1. It is fitted with reliable genuine Cummins engine.
2. 4 forward & 4 reverse synchromesh mechanical shift transmission have been designed for this backhoe loader.
3. The combined seal cylinder ensures high seal performance and more reliability for it.
4. Obviously improved loader and backhoe performance.
5. It has been equipped with CARRARO wet type rear axle with multi-disc brake & CARRARO front axle
6. Larger new-type cab helps to increase comfort and visibility of this backhoe loader.
7. Both of 2-wheel driving and 4-wheel driving are available.

Technical Parameters:
Specifications WZ30-25 Backhoe Loader WZ30-25C Backhoe Loader
Overall Dimension
1 Length (with bucket on ground) 7077(mm) 7077(mm)
2 Width 2350(mm) 2350(mm)
3 Load Bucket width 2313(mm) 2328(mm)
4 Height (To the top of the cab) 2720 (mm) 2735 (mm)
5 Height (To the top of the digging pole) 3424 (mm) 3424 (mm)
6 Wheelbase 2155.5(mm) 2155.5(mm)
7 Back wheel Tread 1557(mm) 1557(mm)
8 Fore wheel Tread 1714(mm) 1714(mm)
9 Min. ground clearance 355(mm) for 2WD 275(mm) for 4WD 355(mm) for 2WD 275(mm) for 4WD
Main Loading Technical Specification
1 Rated load 1700(Kg) 1700(Kg)
2 Operating weight 7000KG 7400KG
3 Max lifting capability >2500KG >2500KG
4 Rated load bucket capacity 1.0(m3) 1.0(m3)
5 Max. load breakout force >40kN >40kN
6 Max. dump clearance 2611(mm) 2611(mm)
7 Max. Dump reach 726(mm) 726(mm)
8 Dump angle at any position ≥43.50 ≥43.50
9 Min. turning radius
  (1) Outside of bucket 5280(mm) for 2WD 5670(mm) for 4WD 5280(mm) for 2WD 5670(mm) for 4WD
(2) Center of front wheel 3795 (mm) for 2WD 4300(mm) for 4WD 3795 (mm) for 2WD 4300(mm) for 4WD
10 Lifting time of loading bucket ≤5.1(sec.) ≤5.1(sec.)
11 Lowering time of loading bucket ≤4.9(sec.) ≤4.9(sec.)
12 Dumping time ≤0.9(sec.) ≤0.9(sec.)
13 Traveling speed(Km/h), 4 forward and 4 reverse
  (1) Ⅰ gear forward 5.8 5.8
  (2) Ⅱ gear forward 10.5 10.5
  (3) Ⅲ gear forward 20.1 20.1
  (4) Ⅳ gear forward 40.2 40.2
  (1) Ⅰ gear reverse 7.0 7.0
(2) Ⅱ gear reverse 12.6 12.6
(3) Ⅲ gear reverse 24.3 24.3
(4) Ⅳ gear reverse 48.6 48.6
Main Digging Technical Specification
1 Rated digging bucket capacity 0.3(m3) 0.3(m3)
2 Max. digging depth 4338(mm) 4338(mm)
3 Max. digging force >50+10%kN >50+10%kN
4 Max. digging radius 5481(mm) 5481(mm)
5 Max. dumping height 3737(mm) 3737(mm)
Diesel engine
1 Model Cummins B4.5                                                WD DEUTZ TD226B                                                 
2 Type Direct injection, Turbocharged. Water cooling Direct injection, Natural Aspirate, Water cooling
3 Rated output 74 (kW) 70 (kW)
4 Total exhaust of cylinder 4.5(L) 3.92(L)
5 Inter-bore of cylinder/stroke 102/138(mm) 102/120(mm)
6 Voltage of starting motor 12(V) 12(V)
7 Rated speed 2200(r/min) 2200(r/min)
8 Max. Torque 414(N.M) 360(N.M)
9 Starting type Electric Electric
10 Min. specific fuel consumption 225(g/Kw.h) 216(g/Kw.h)
Transmission System
Torque Converter
2 Cooling type Pressure oil circulating Pressure oil circulating
Transmission case
2 Type Synchromesh mechanical shift Synchromesh mechanical shift 
3 Gear shift position 4 Forward and 4 reverse gears 4 Forward and 4 reverse gears
Axle and Tire
2 Type of main reducer spiral bevel gear, single stage spiral bevel gear, single stage
3 Type of final reducer Single stage planetary Single stage planetary
4 Max. steering angle 550 550
5 Tire type 4WD fore tire 12-16.5NHS-10PR 4WD fore tire 12-16.5NHS-10PR
2WD fore tire11L-16F3-12PR 2WD fore tire11L-16F3-12PR
Rear tire 19.5L-24R4-12PR Rear tire 19.5L-24R4-12PR
Working Device Hydraulic System
1 Model of oil pump P257A467PRZA12-6 JHP2050AXCC
2 System pressure 215(kgf/cm2) 215(kgf/cm2)
3 Model of priority valve WALVOIL SD16/2、SD16/6 ZL20DC-02
4 Model of excavate valve   ZL30DC-07
Steering  System
1 Type Fore wheel Steering
2 Model of steering pump P257A467PRZA12-6 JHP2050AXCC
3 Model of steering gear 150-1219 BZZ5-E160B+ FKB-3022
4 Model of priority valve   YXL-F160L-N7
5 System pressure 140(kgf/cm2) 140(kgf/cm2)
Oil Capacity
1 Fuel (diesel) 151(L) 151(L)
2 Engine lubricating oil 11(L) 11(L)
3 Oil for converter and gear box 18.5(L) For 2WD 18.5(L)
For 4WD 21(L)
4 Oil for hydraulic system 110(L) 110(L)
5 Oil for driving axles (F/R)  7.6+17 (L)  7.6+17 (L)

World Equipment is a professional manufacturer and supplier of backhoe loader in China. Our products have been quite popular in Europe, South America, Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa, etc. In the past 10 years, we have been kept improving our products to make them better adapt to the market. If you need backhoe loader, we will provide a competitive price for you. Don't hesitate, please contact us.

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