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Main features
1.TS80 bulldozer is installed with the YTO LR4A3Z-22 boosting engine, has high motive power, low noise and low consumption.
2. The gearbox is 4F+2R fixed-shaft mechanical gear shifting, which is suitable for various environments.
3. TS80 bulldozer adopts integral trolley traveling structure with rigid chassis and semi-rigid hanger.
4. This crawler bulldozer employs advanced operation control system and fully hydraulic power steering to achieve flexible and labor-saving operation.
5. Driver cab is welded with profile steel, with high strength, impact resistance and good protection safety.
6. TS80 dozer is applicable for construction in narrow ground, with flexible working and high operation efficiency.
7. Standard heating and ventilation equipment and air conditioner are optional.
8. Each maintenance center with humanized design may improve the convenience of repair and maintenance.
9. TS80 crawler bulldozer has good economical power and high reliability, being an ideal machine for project construction.

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TS80 Bulldozer

Main specification of TS80 Bulldozer:

Total weight 8850kg
Max. traction force 82kN
Max. torque of the engine 313N.m
Grade ability 30 °
Track width 400 mm
Average specific ground pressure 51KPa
Overall dimensions (L×W×H) 4200×2544×2740 mm
Model LR4A3Z-22
Rated power 60kw
Rated rotational speed 2200 r/min
Specific fuel consumption ≤235 g/kw.h

World Equipment is a professional Chinese manufacturer and supplier of crawler bulldozer (crawler dozer). Crawler bulldozer (crawler dozer) is our major product for export. In over 10 years, our products have been exported to Europe, South America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Africa. We provide more than TS80 bulldozer, 165 hp crawler bulldozer, 220 hp crawler bulldozer, 320 hp crawler bulldozer. We also keep developing and researching TS80 bulldozer products better adapted to the market to gain more acknowledgements from the clients. If you need TS80 dozer, please contact us.
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