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Main Features of 220 hp Bulldozer
1. 220 hp Bulldozer (220 hp dozer) has reasonable structure, advanced performance, advanced technology.
2. High engine power, large output torque, low oil-consumption, reliable.
3. Hydraulic transmission, automatic speed regulation, gear shifting without stopping the machine.
4. Manipulation design of 220 hp Bulldozer is people-oriented. Handle distributes both sides, which makes it more convenient to operate.
5. Originate equipped with ROPS-FOPS device.
6. The new-style three-stage alarm device is mechanically integrated, electronic monitoring instrument shows three-stage alarm.

220 HP Bulldozer

220 HP Bulldozer

7. The novel hexagon cabin, a broader vision, better ventilation, better sealing effect.
8. Diverse optional device: ordinary cabin, cabin with air conditioner, heater, warm air aid, ether starting aid, angle and straight blade push broach, U-blade spade, environmental sanitation spade, single-gear ripper and three-gear ripper, ROPS-FOPS device etc.
9. Many variant products, such as reinforced bulldozers, scraper tractor and pipelayer.

Main Specification of 220 hp Bulldozer

Product Model B220Y-1 B220Y-2 B220Y-3 B220YS
Model NT-855-C280S10  Cummins NT-855-C280S10
Type Turbocharged vertical four-stroke
Flywheel power (kW) 162
Rated speed (r/min) 1800
Number of cylinders -bore ×stroke (mm) 6-Φ139.7×152.4
Starting method 24V 11kW Starting motor 24V 11kW
Battery  24V(12VX2)-195AH
Air cleaner Dry horizontal type with precleaner
Transmission System
Torque converter 3-element, single-stage, single-phase
Transmission PD220Y-3  Planetary gear, multiple-disc clutch, forced lubrication by gear pump, 3forward and 3 reserve speeds Electric- hydraulic control for model PD220Y-3
Bevel gear   Helical bevel gear, splash lubricated
Steering clutch PD220Y-3  Wet, multiple-disc clutch, spring loaded, hydraulically released electric-hydraulic control for mode PD220Y-3
Steering brake PD220Y-3  Wet, band brake , operated with hydraulic booster and valve inner linkage Electric-hydraulic control for mode PD220Y-3
Final Drive Spur gear, double reduction, splash lubricated
Travel Speed (km/h) 1st 2nd 3rd
Forward 3.6 6.5 11.2
Reverse 4.3 7.7 13.2
Under Carriage
Sprocket Segmented
Track tension Hydraulic-adjusted
Floating seals are used in all sprockets, track rollers, carrier rollers and front idlers
Number of track rollers (each side) 4 single 2 double 5single 3 double
Type Sealed single grouser
Track pitch (mm) 216 216
Track width (mm) 560 945
Number of track shoes(each side) 38 45
Length of  track on ground (each side) 2730 3480
Ground clearance (mm) 405 450
Track gauge (mm) 2000 2250
Hydraulic System Of Work Equipment
Working pressure (Mpa) 13.7 13.7 13.7
Rated flow (L/min) 257 160 257
Pump CBT3160 gear pump 160-10 CB-AT 160-10double gear pump CBT3160 gear pump
Control valve Hand-operated plunger servo controlling Hydraulic-operated, plunger, servo contronlling Hand-operated plunger servo controlling
Cylinder Bore×Rod×Stroke (mm) Φ120×Φ70×1054 1209×70×1293
Work Equipment  
Blade type Straight tilt blade
Width×Height (mm) 3725×1315 4635×1230 3725×1315
Max. lift above ground (mm) 1210 1350 1210
Max. drop below ground (mm) 540 500 540
Pitch adjustment  (°) 55 53°30′ 55
Max.tilt (mm) 735 500 735
Dimensions Length × Width× Height (mm) 5750×3725×3575 6060×4365×3611 5870×3725×3575
Weight (kg) 25500 26000 26300
Ripper Type     /
Max.dig below ground (mm) 666 555 /
Max. lift above 598.3 666 /

Over 10 years of export experience, World Equipment has become a leading Chinese manufacturer of 220 hp crawler bulldozer. 220 hp Crawler bulldozer we produce has been exported to Europe, South America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Africa. 220 hp Bulldozer (220 hp dozer) is very popular in these countries. We also keep developing and researching 220 hp bulldozer (220 hp dozer) products better adapted to the market to gain more acknowledgement from the clients. If you need 220hp bulldozer (220 hp dozer), please contact us.

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