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Description of Three Wheel Static Roller
The three wheel static roller are capable of compacting grave, macadam, asphalt concrete, non-cohesive or less cohesive soils, lime and cinder as well as rolling of foundations of public squares and pavements.

Main Features of Three Wheel Static Roller
1. Compact construction and small turning radius, with smooth finished surface.
2. The disk brake and change-over clutch are reliable and durable.
3. The hydraulic steering system assures easy manipulation.
4. The driving roll is made of cast steel. With thickness increased for sturdy and wear-resisting.
5. The comfortable seat and excellent visibility feature its rational design.
6. Either a cab or a canopy is available to buyer's option.

Three Wheel Static Roller

Three Wheel Static Roller

Main Specification of Three Wheel Static Roller

Model 3YJ8/10 3YJ8/12 3YJ10/12
Weight (t)
Without Ballast 8 8 10
With Ballast 10 12 12
Roll Diameter (mm)
Front Roll (for steering) 1060 1060 1060
Rear Roll (for driving) 1500 1600 1600
Roll width (mm)
Front Roll 1250 1250 1250
Rear Roll 500×2 500×2 500×2
Linear Pressure (N/CM)
Rear Roll      
Without Ballast >520 >520 >650
With Ballast >650 >730 >780
Travel speed (km/h)
I speed 2 1.9 1.9
II speed 3.5 3.2 3.2
III speed 8 7.5 7.5
Min. Turning radius (mm) ≦5500 ≦6000 ≦6000
Grade ability 1:5 1:5 1:5
Wheel Base (mm) 2500 2800 2800
Ground Clearance (mm) 270 300 320
Diesel Engine
Type 495AY 4135K-2C 4135K-2C
Rated Power 36 58 58
Rated speed 2000 1500 1500
Overall Dimension(mm) L×W×H
Cabin 4343×2116×2717   4664×2116×2767
Canopy 4460×2116×2613 5039×2116×2663 4760×2116×2663

World Equipment is a professional Chinese manufacturer and supplier of three wheel static roller. In over 10 years, we keep improving our products to make them better adapt to the market. We offer 3 types, namely, 3YJ8/10 (8T/10T), 3YJ8/12 (8T/12T), and 3YJ10/12 (10T/12T), to satisfy the clients' different demands. If you need three wheel static roller, contact us without hesitation.

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