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    1. E210 Hydraulic Crawler Excavator
      This E210 hydraulic digger is an efficient construction machine equipped with CUMMINS B5.9-C engine and variable double–piston pump for the hydraulic system. It is suitable for the operating construction weight under 20.5t. This hydraulic excavator machine adopts 5.7m boom and 2.919m working arm, as well as bucket range of 0.36-1.0m3. Those specifications assure the machine efficient in th application of hydro-electric project, mining, road construction, city dwellings construction and so on....
    1. E240 Hydraulic Crawler Excavator
      This E240 hydraulic crawler excavator is a safe and cost-effective construction machine. The main components of this hydraulic digger are equipped with international famous brand products. This E240 hydraulic crawler excavator adopts advanced ESS electric control system with three power control modes to meet the requirements of different working conditions ...
    1. E330 Hydraulic Crawler Excavator
      This E330 hydraulic crawler digger can operate a weight as high as 32.9t. With the employment of CUMMINS 6C8.3 engine, and more advanced part such as 6.47m boom, 3.186m working arm, and bucket range of 0-1.4m3,  all those make this E330 hydraulic crawler excavator an high efficient construction machinery.
      As a kind of engineering machinery and construction equipment, our E330 hydraulic crawlers excavator are widely used to level or push material back into a hole....
    1. E360 Hydraulic Excavator
      The operating weight of hydraulic excavator machine E360 can reach 35.7t; CUMMINS 6C8.3 engine is applied to the machine. The boom of this machine is 6.47m. Working arm can reach 3.186m. And the bucket is 1.6m3. . For more detailed information, please refer to the following specifications....

Crawler Excavator, Crawler Digger

Type of hydraulic crawler excavator for choice: E210,E240, E330, E360

Main Features
1. Engine: ISUZU (Japan).
2. Imported pump, valve and motor from Japan or Korea.
3. Our crawler excavator (crawler digger) have high rigidity cabin are capacious and comfortable with broad field of vision and anti-fatigue, which can ensure the driver's safety and pleasure.
4. Reasonable structure of man-machine engineering design with central lubrication system makes it easier to make maintenance and greatly reduces the cost.
5. A name-brand operating system with an effective combination of imported pipe and joint can guarantee the longer operating life and makes it easier to keep maintenance.

World Equipment is a professional Chinese manufacturer and supplier of crawler excavators (crawler diggers). E210 hydraulic excavator, E330 hydraulic excavator, E360 hydraulic excavator we have sold over the past 10 years have gained a good response from the market. Clients from Europe, South America, Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa all thought highly of them. They are equipped with the original engine called Isuzu (Japan). In the hydraulic system, Main Pump comes from Tongmyung (Korea) and Kawasaki (Japan),Multiple Unit Valve comes from Parker (Korea)and Kawasaki (Japan),Travel Motor comes from Doosan (Korea), Nabtesco (Japan), KYB (Japan),Swing Motorcomes from Jeil (Korea)and Kawasaki (Japan). It is these high-quality parts that ensure the excellent performance and operational capacity of our crawler excavator (crawler digger). If you need to buy crawler excavator (crawler digger), please contact us since we believe that we will not disappoint you.

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