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W166 wheel loader has a great capacity of heavy duty; torque converter and counter-shaft transmission gearbox-Komatsu technology are used. They can be assembled separately. The machine has the features of higher reliability and easier maintenance; W166 wheel loader can be operated easily due to fully hydraulic steering system, power shift transmission and pilot controlled; the bucket of the machine can be leveled automatically. We have many optimized working device, which can ensure higher productivity; the operation environment is comfortable because new design cabin, grammar seat and air-conditioner are employed; there are various working devices in this wheel loader that are available, such as log clamp, pipe clamp, grass fork, plow, ore bucket, loose bucket, fork, etc. This can meet your different needs.

W166 Wheel Loader

W166 Wheel Loader

Main Specification

1 Bucket capacity 3.2m³
2 Rated load 6000kg
3 Transportation dimension(L×W×H) 8360×2950×3600mm
4 Wheelbase 3260mm
5 Thread 2250mm
6 Max. breakout force 200KN
7 Max. dumping height 3160mm
8 Dump distance 1200mm
9 Total time 11.48s
10 Operating weight 19000kg
1 Model WEICHAI WD10G240E21
2 Pattern Turbocharger, inline, water-cooled, 4-stroke, direct injection 
3 Rated power/speed 175kw/2200rpm
4 Max. torque 920N.m
Torque converter and transmission system
1 Model of torque converter YJSW315-6H
2 Pattern single stage two phase four components
3 Transmission type power shift plant structure
4 Number of gear 2 forward, 1 reverse 
5 Max. travel speed 38km/h
1 Alex Yunyu
2 Main reducer pattern Spiral bevel gear first reduction
3 Pattern of wheel side moderation Single stage planetary
1 Tire Size 26.5-25
Steering system
1 Pattern Full hydraulic steering system
2 Max. turning radius(outside of bucket) 7260mm
3 Max. turning angle 35º±1
Hydraulic system
1 Implement pump P7600-F125
2 Displacement 275L/min
3 System working pressure 18MPa
4 Distribution device model DF32
5 Pilot valve model DJS
Brake system
1 Service brake Air assisted oil disc on four wheel
2 Parking brake Flexible shaft control, disc type
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