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2LTLZ45E asphalt paver is ideal equipment for construction companies. It is used to pave road (especially urban road), plaza and square, etc. in paving projects. Such asphalt road paver features compact structure and easy operation. With advanced double sets of hydraulic stretching screed and auto level sensing device, 2LTLZ45E asphalt paver is of high paving density and smoothness. Besides, the easily wearing parts adopt international advanced antifriction materials, thus the reliability of the machine is highly improved.

Key Parts
1. 2LTLZ45E asphalt paver adopts 4JR3AG7 engine with water cooling from Anhui Quanchai.
2. Hydraulic pump and vibrating motor are from Tianjing hydraulic mechanical factory.
3. Asphalt pneumatic paver makes use of transfer case from the second motorcar company.
4. 2LTLZ45E asphalt paver employs Beijing HUADE control valves.
5. Automatic leveling device from Changzhou Tonglian is utilized.
6. Asphalt pneumatic paver utilizes high and low pressure directional control valve from Italy Atos Corporation.

2LTLZ45E Asphalt Paver

2LTLZ45E Asphalt Paver

Main performance Features
1. 2LTLZ45E asphalt paver uses 55 Kw 4JR3AG7 engine with water cooling system, which endows asphalt pneumatic paver with strong power, reliability and start ability in low temperature environment.
2. Scraper and Auger Independent
2LTLZ45E asphalt paver features independent and easy operation for L/R conveyor and auger. Auger is stretched mechanically. Auger blade is made of knock-down antifriction material, leading to convenient replacement and guaranteed service life.
3. Control panel can be moved to the L/R.
All controlling components are centralized on the control panel and the control panel can be moved to the L/R according to demand, which reduces working intensity of operators and improves work efficiency and paving quality.
4. Automatic leveling device ensures the smoothness of road.
Automatic leveling device satisfied the grade criterion of freeway with planeness 3mm/3m. It can lower cost of construction. 5. 2LTLZ45E asphalt paver takes the advantage of international advanced antifriction materials, such as stretching screed, iron soleplate and conveyor soleplate, etc.
Iron plate can be steplessly stretched to change the width of paving layer conveniently.
6. Fuel oil cleaning system makes convenient clean and reduces work intensity.
7. With advanced electric system, all the controlled components connected to wire are in accordance with code so that the errors are immediately found and solved.

Performance Parameters

Model 2LTLZ45E
Type Tyre
Basic Paving Width 2500 mm
Maximum Width of Paving 4500 mm
Maximum Thickness of Paving 250 mm
Minimum Thickness of Paving 10 mm
Traveling Speed 2.29~16.74 km/h
Paving Speed 3.01~8.97 m/min
Planeness 3 mm/3 m
Maximum Theoretic Productivity 220 t/h
Hopper Capacity 10 t
Mass 11000 kg
Maximum Climbing Capacity 20%
Load Mode 6 Tyres The front tyres are solid and the rear tyres are pneumatic.
Electric System Two Batteries, 24 V
Working Device Double Sets of Hydraulic Stretching Iron Plate Screed Basic Width 2500 mm
Arch Adjustment 0~4%
Vibration        Frequency 50 Hz
Overall Size Length 5850 mm (Transportation 5550 mm)
Width 3000 mm (Transportation 2494 mm)
Height 2450 mm
Engine Model 4JR3AG7
Type Water Cooling with 4 Cylinders
Power 55 Kw/2000 r/min
Diesel Oil Capacity 143 L

1. Drive System
The machine is driven mechanically and hydraulically. Flywheel is connected to transfer case, the front of engine drives hydraulic pump, supplying power for mechanism like traveling device, conveyor and auger spreading device and vibrating device (up and down of screed, turnover of hopper and action of cylinders, etc.).
2. Traveling Device
It is made up of transfer case, gear box with two grades, differential mechanism, semi-axle and chain drive. Traveling device is driven by driven chain wheel.
3. Steering
Steering mechanism adopts bridge mode and center of bridge which is able to revolve is connected to center of frame, redirectors are fixed on the two ends of the axle, redirectors are revolved by hydraulic cylinder, and so solid tyre can be revolved corresponding angle.
4. Roller
It is used to push the rear tyre of camion.
5. Conveyor
It is independently driven. Clutch for conveyor is controlled by hydraulic cylinder, and the power is transferred by chain-wheel to drive scraper.
6. Automatic Level Device
2LTLZ45E asphalt paver is equipped with two longitudinal automatic level device used for longitudinal automatic adjustment.

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