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LTP1016 pneumatic tyre roller (pneumatic roller) is applicable for the compact cohesive and non-cohesive materials, such as asphalt concrete, cement or lime stabilized soils, gravels, sands and clay mixtures, rolling cement concrete in the construction projects, especially suitable for the paving upper courses of highway.

Main Features:
1. Pneumatic tyre roller adopts low gravitational center that is designed for safe and comfortable operation.
2. Glass fiber reinforced plastic spraying box is mounted on LTP 1016 pneumatic roller.
3. Pneumatic tyre roller features stability and power strength.
4. LTP1016 pneumatic roller adopts 4BT Cummins engine, making it suitable to all environments.
5. With front wheeled auto adjusting heat structure, pneumatic tyre roller is characterized by better compactness.

LTP 1016 Pneumatic Roller

LTP 1016 Pneumatic Roller

Main Technical Parameters:
Model LTP1016
Operating Mass kg 10000 / 16000
Max Travel Speed km/h 20.75
Type Quantity mm 4+5
Min Turning Radius mm 7500
The Presses Width kN 2286
Grade Ability % 30
Overall Dimension mm 4780 × 2280 × 3200
Wheelbase mm 3700
Diesel Power   75
Diesel Model Kw 4BT3.9-C100

World Equipment Co., Ltd. a wholly owned subsidiary of World Equipment Inc. is a manufacturer and supplier of pneumatic tyre roller or LTP1016 pneumatic roller, etc. We offer a comprehensive range of products and services, including heavy equipment and construction machinery, excavator (digger), wheel loader, crawler bulldozer, road roller, motor grader, skid steer loader and other vehicles as well as second-hand machines and spare parts.

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